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“When learning how to walk, you have to stand up once more than you fall down. This applies to both a small child and an adult. It holds true for learning how to walk, but in a transferred sense, also for life itself. With a handicap, it is an even steeper challenge. I have experienced that myself. For every physically handicapped person, the Paramobile is an important and valuable tool that gives you a bit more freedom.”

Anthony Netto, Founder


The Paramobile was originally designed for disabled golfers, but can also be customized for use in other sports and leisure activitieAs such as fishing or archery. With its strong chassis frame, the Paramobile can cope with gradients of up to 30 degrees and sideways inclinations of about 17 degrees. The Paramobile will turn automatically into a safe position should these limits be exceeded. The design allows for an absolutely secure footing in any position.

The therapeutic benefits of the golf game for physically limited players are immense. It stimulates the metabolism, stretches the muscles, reduces spasticities, and enhances the mobility of their joints. The all-terrain Paramobile with its patented stand-up device combines practical know-how with innovative ideas for maximum playing fun. Its unequaled stability when the golfer is hitting the ball enables performance that is comparable to those of non-handicapped players.

Thanks to this piece of equipment, wheelchair users are discovering a new and unimagined level of freedom and independence. Being able to stand up boosts self-esteem – one can finally stand up facing others at eye level – and has a therapeutic effect. It promotes circulation and digestion, stretches tendons and ligaments, reduces spasticity, and prevents joints from seizing up.

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 9pm PST

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